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Leeds - The City of Leeds is a prosperous, booming city in the county of West Yorkshire, in the North of England.
The River Aire runs through the town. Recent regeneration has seen breathtaking changes along the riverside, creating a new environment for both residents and visitors.
Leeds is part of a Metropolitan Borough named the City of Leeds.

Hotels in Leeds, England with last minute and late room booking discounts:

Leeds - A photographic journey through Yorkshire's largest City.

Leeds - In Pictures
Leeds - A photographic journey through Yorkshire's largest City
Hardback Book, 120+ pages packed with beautiful photographs of Leeds - the city centre, waterfront, inner city, suburbs and surrounding towns & villages. RECOMMENDED.

Leeds - Leeds Population:
According to the 2001 census the urban area of the city had a population of 429,242 while the full City of Leeds had a population of 716,513, the boundaries of the City of Leeds however include places which are separate from the urban area of Leeds itself and are not generally considered part of the urban city. Recent population estimates make Leeds the third largest English city.An inhabitant of Leeds is locally known as a Loiner, though such terms are now rarely used or understood. However, the mock-classical adjectives Leodensian and Leodiensian are sometimes used by some local sports clubs harking back to the old name for the City "Leodis".

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Leeds - The History of Leeds, Know Leeds
The city was originally an agricultural market town in the Middle Ages, and received its first charter in 1207. In the Tudor period Leeds was mainly a merchant town manufacturing woollen cloths and trading with Europe via the Humber estuary. At one point nearly half of England's total export passed through Leeds. The city's industrial growth was catalysed by the introduction of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1816 and the railway in 1848.

Leeds - Visiting Leeds, Visit Leeds
The vast range of attractions, thriving club scene, and world class sports and leisure venues make Leeds a brilliant place to live or visit. You can take an interactive tour of the city of Leeds courtesy of VR LEEDS.
The city is alive with vibrant, European-style cafes sitting comfortably alongside traditional English pubs.

LeedsNET, The Light, Shopping. Photo © Images of Leeds. Used with permission. LeedsNET is an independent website, published for visitors to the City of Leeds, raising the profile of Leeds across the UK, and the world.
Photo: The Light, Leeds. © ImagesOfLeeds used with permission.

Leeds - Shopping in Leeds, Shop Leeds!
Leeds is also the destination for shopping in the north, with its impressive Victorian shopping arcades, and all the major high street names. Leeds plays host to the largest department store in Yorkshire, and the only Harvey Nichols outside London. Leeds is particularly good for shopping as the centre is predominantly a pedestrian-only area.
You can view hundreds of images and photos of Leeds courtesy of IMAGES OF LEEDS.

Leeds - Eating in Leeds, Love Leeds!.
The range of restaurants is superb, with Indian, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, French, American, Italian and Mexican to choose from, in addition to the traditional English food served both in the City Centre and the quaint country pubs on the way to the Yorkshire Dales.

Leeds - Living in Leeds, Live in Leeds!.
The City of Leeds continues to regenerate itself with a booming property market, hundreds of new city centre apartments have added to the diversity of the housing stock within the city, yet even in the city centre you are still only a few miles of open countryside, and living in one of the greenest cities in the country with open spaces and parkland available to all. A listing of Leeds Estate Agents and Property companies can be found at LIVING IN LEEDS.

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